Patmore, stage six

You might notice in the previous stage that though I added hair on his head, I did not yet place a mustache.  That may seem strange, especially considering the size of it.  I wanted to wait until value was addressed - his mustache is more clearly defined by the shadow it casts than the hair itself.  If I placed that mouth correctly, then all I'd theoretically need is a cast shadow from the mustache and it should give the illusion I need.  As mentioned before, contours are not real.  They do not exist.  It's all about form and the light that falls on it.  

As you can see here, a light glaze of charcoal was laid in.  It was kept as simple as the light of the paper versus the most basic shadow.  All I am concerned with is the overall effect of light and the absence of light, nothing more.  This probably took fifteen minutes, and that's all I needed to give the drawing weight.  Don't get too hung up on the different variations of shade and shadow right now, just the basic light and dark.