Commission Process

Though the commission process differs from project to project, there are some things a client can expect when buying a custom made work of art.  

  1. Initial Visit: Whether the sitter is human or canine, an initial studio visit is required to take some photos.  This generally takes about two to three hours.  
  2. Sketches: Brett reviews the images and pares it down to a few options, one of which is selected.
  3. Deposit:  Half of the total payment is required once the design is ready.
  4. Preparations: The linen is stretched and primed, the sketch is blown up to "cartoon" size, or to scale, and transferred onto the canvas.  
  5. Painting: The painting process can take anywhere from two to five months depending on the size and complexity of the piece.  Ideally, Brett prefers to have the subject make several studio visits so he can work directly from life, but when that is simply not possible, he is able to work exclusively from the photographs.  
  6. Feedback, Adjustments and Completion: Once the painting is nearly complete, the buyer can see the work (either via email or in person, depending on availability) and give some feedback whilst changes are still possible.  The adjustments are made, details are finalized and the painting is signed.  
  7. Drying & Varnishing: About two weeks of drying time are needed before a coat of temporary varnish can be applied, and about one more week is required for the varnish to set.
  8. Final Payment and Delivery: Once the painting is safe to travel, the final half of the total payment are made and the portrait is picked up by the buyer or shipped at an additional cost.  







Bust Portrait (head & shoulders) - charcoal  $750.00

Bust Portrait (head & shoulders) - oil            $2000.00

3/4 Length (head, torso & arms) - oil            $3000 - $4000.00

Full Figure - oil                                                  $6000 - $20,000.00


Canine & Feline

Portrait - oil                                                 $1500.00

Small Animal (full body) - oil                   $2000.00

Medium Sized Animal (full body) - oil   $3000.00

Large Animal (full body) - oil                  $4000.00



*All portraits are life sized.

*These prices include an atmospheric background. Any additional background settings and/or still lifes that would be included in the painting are at an additional cost.

*All prices are for a single figure – multiple figure pricing upon request.

*Prices do not include travel, shipping or framing.



This sample contract is applicable to all projects.